Individualized Cognitive Enhancement

COGx offers science-based programs, which we customize to enhance cognition. Every program is designed and accountable to improvements in real-life goals.
“Enhancing my memory has improved my performance in classes and has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes me to study for tests.”
COGx Student
“The techniques I learned from my COGx training have been a godsend.
I wish that I had known these when I was in college.”COGx Professional Client

Enhance Cognition

We optimize learning through programs based on scientific principles of learning. Our approach is evidence-based, in-person and customized.

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Memory Program

We offer group and individualized programs that target memory. Programs are short, intense and focused on application.

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Learning Differences

Our customized programs are effective complementary therapies for those with Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD/PDD.

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Cognitive Remediation

Injuries, illnesses and/or their treatments (ABI, PTSD, cancer, and concussion) affect the cognitive areas we remediate.

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What We Improve

Long-Term Memory, Attention, Working Memory, Processing Speed, Executive Functioning, Critical Thinking, Metacognition (learn more)

Our Process

We begin by understanding the individual’s unique cognitive profile and listening to your goals. Programs are then designed to meet these needs (learn more)

Our Results

Our clients are unique. Our approach reflects that. We believe each person we serve is a case study rather than a self-serving statistic (learn more)

Cognitive Enhancement for Students

A student’s learning success is greatly dependent on the strength of their cognitive skills. When a cognitive area essential to learning is weak, it affects the student’s emotions as well as their behaviors, both of which seek to compensate or circumvent the area that affects their learning. COGx individualized cognitive enhancement programs for students specialize in identifying and narrowing the gaps or weaknesses in cognitive abilities that prevent students from learning effectively. Our methods are science and evidence-based. Our programs are customized, targeted and delivered in-person on-site. As we strengthen a cognitive ability, COGx also develops the student’s understanding of their learning process. This develops self-aware and autonomous learners that take ownership of and actively monitor their learning process.

COGx programs target and strengthen the following cognitive processes

* Following Multi-Step Directions
* Shifting Between Tasks
* Attention to Detail
* Organizing Thoughts & Ideas
* Comprehension
* Self-Regulation
* Initiation
* Metacognition
* Storing & Recalling Information
* Visualizing Information
* Linking & Associations
* Problem Solving
* Effective Study Skills
* Pattern Recognition
* Processing Speed
* Impulsivity
* Articulating Information
* Math Fluency
* Sustaining Focus
* Creative / Divergent Thinking
* Listening Skills

The COGx Approach

  • Teach: science-based techniques

    Students learn evidence-based techniques essential for effective learning.  While not every skill relies on multiple techniques, there can be multiple techniques for a single skill and knowing when to apply each is essential to effective learning. 

  • Train: develop skill and ability

    Training involves drill and practice of cognitive exercises that adapt and evolve as skills improve, which is essential to improving one’s underlying skills. Improved ability is a prerequisite to better learning but insufficient in isolation.

  • Transfer: generalization to real-life

    The transfer component of the programs ensures the generalization of cognitive gains to real-life in a way that is individualized and meaningful to the trainee. It is important that coaching only occurs after underlying cognitive skills have been improved

Building a Pyramid of Knowledge
Requires a Pyramid of Strong Cognitive Skills

The COGx methodology starts by identifying any weakness that prevents the student from processing information effectively. As these core cognitive skills and processes are strengthened, students learn to manage information. This includes managing the processes that enable self-directed learning, namely: self-monitoring, self-regulation, time management, initiation and
procrastination and other behaviors shared by successful learners. As students learn to monitor their learning process, they become increasingly more aware and capable of independently acquiring and applying information in their academic and real-life context. The goal is to develop students with strong 21st century skills, including: learning, analyzing, collaborating, and communicating