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The Mattress Project

In April of 2018, nicaraguan students and civilians began civic and peaceful protests against the government’s opression and corruption. As a result of the constant fear of being murdered by the national police force and paralimiritary groups, many protestors sought safe houses which lacked basic needs.

NACD sought to fill this need by sourcing and donating mattresses for the persecuted victims. We donated XXX mattresses to this cause in 2018.


The Proper Burial Project

In the first 100 days of protests more than 351 students and civilians were killed by the government-controlled police force and paramilitary groups.

Given the rampant abuse of power and widespread corruption, Nicaragua ranks among the poorest countries in the world. This means that many of the victims’ families have no means to pay for caskets and proper burial for their murdered loved ones.

NACD helps victims afford a proper burial for their loved ones.



Political Prisoners Project

While the initial response by the Ortega regime was lethal force, the next step (in addition to arbitrary executions and disappearances) has been to illegally detain individuals involved in the peaceful protests resulting in over 700 political prisoners held without due process, evidence or the right to an attorney. Most of these are held in inhumane conditions, as witnessed by international observers and local human rights groups.

This project supports official documentation and legal representation of these individuals, as well as humanitarian support for their families.


Emergency Support Project

Government backed attacks on students and other civilians have intensified leading to calls for emergency support including food, water, medical supplies and other basic necessities.

This project aims to collect funds that will be channeled directly to the areas of most need.



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