About NACD

  • Our Mission

    NACD is an independent, non-partisan organization incorporated as a non-profit based in Miami, Florida. Our mission is to unify the Nicaraguan diaspora around two common goals. In Nicaragua, we wish to help restore the rule of law, rebuild democratic institutions, and foster inclusive growth. In the United States, we will work to help increase the diaspora’s participation in social, economic and political spheres of the communities in which we live and work.

  • Unified Voice

    The lack of opportunities to prosper in Nicaragua are the direct result of flourishing corruption and politics that do not pursue the common good, which have led to cycles of authoritarianism and instability. As a result, a significant percentage of Nicaraguans live in exile. NACD aims to bring these citizens together to act in unison to build a prosperous society that cherishes democratic values.

  • Our Role

    Bring together independent efforts scattered globally aspiring to influence positive change for Nicaragua. In this capacity, we don’t seek to displace or diminish efforts from other organizations, but rather to amplify their impact by working together. In addition, based on objective comparative analysis of governance models globally, we provide analyses, recommendations and action plans to tear down the barriers that prevent progress from taking root in Nicaragua.

  • Inclusive Growth

    Nations prosper when the forces of creative destruction -inherent in free markets that respect the rule of law- can prevail over monopolies, oligopolies, corruption and/or protectionism that stifles competition and innovation. Nicaragua represents one of the world’s most extreme forms of inequality, which is the direct result of a destructive barter between political and economic elites. This barter allowed Daniel Ortega to dismantle the institutions that held political power accountable and concentrate most political power in the Executive branch of government. In the process, economic democracy, which allows innovation by all and for all, was replaced with corruption for the elites.

  • Rule of Law

    Innovation flourishes when sound protections are in place to reward risk-taking and to finance the development of ideas. The rule of law is foundational to prosperity by unleashing the creative capacity of all citizens to partake in an economy that attracts talent and rewards risk-taking.

  • Justice

    In the same way that power corrupts political leaders, when justice is weak societies descend into lawlessness and criminality. The Nicaraguan judicial system has been annexed to serve the dictator’s consolidation of political and economic power or one that is constantly for sale to the highest bidder. Most crimes that don’t involve the elites who control the system aren’t even processed or afforded due process.

NACD Board of Directors

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Poverty persists where economic and political power colludes to kidnap prosperity, which is more likely to occur where the rule of law is absent and corruption is rampant. This is why most autocracies exist: to become extractive kleptocracies that inevitably descend into violence.